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Unprocessed Honey

Hi everybody,

I was just wondering where I could get my hands on unprocessed honey in either the North Tipp/Offaly or Dublin area?

It's for a recipe that has been proven to cure horses of a digestive problem and I have been told that the honey used must be unprocessed honey or they also called it "candied honey". I was told that old honey that may have been left lying around is even better.

Thanks for the help in advance :)

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hi Sasa, welcome to the

hi Sasa, welcome to the site!

you could try your local association, im sure they would know someone who has unprocessed honey.

here is the list of all of the associations in the country, have a look and see which one is closer to your self and click on the link and you will get some numbers for people in the association.

hope it helps!




Hi Sasa wow I'm interested to

Hi Sasa wow I'm interested to know about the recipe, I keep horses too and although I dont have honey (KevinK's advice is best) I'd love to know more!


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thanks Roisin, im delighted

thanks Roisin, im delighted to hear that your bees are coming along! :)

and if i actually put the link up of the associations for Sasa, that would be kinda handy! :)

here it is...



Thanks Kevin for the link,

Thanks Kevin for the link, I'll try and find someone local :)

Roisin here is a link to get the recipe, its the Sand Cleaner recipe. http://www.horseproblems.com.au/horse_problems_articles_for_sale.htm

It is amazing stuff, you should see the stuff it cleans out of their gut. I've seen pieces of wood and pebbles in their dung after it!

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Hi. Roisin. How much honey do

Hi. Roisin. How much honey do you need