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need bees in the spring

Ill be needing some bees in spring time as ill be making a topbar beehive after xmass. Im in 2 minds to buy them from the north or the south. Im currently living in the west of the country but travel to teh north every month or 2. Can you tell me how much it will cost me for some bees and a queen to start a hive

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Last years nucs were starting

Last years nucs were starting at 150.00 for a 3/4 frame nuc

Coolmore bees are overwintering nucs for sale in the spring . I would imagine they would be more than that as they would have had to be fed , treated for varroa etc over winter. On the plus side if you got an early stock you would have a honey crop

Winter nucs for sale. For

Winter nucs for sale. For information please call pj on 0861929410. Wexford area

maybe obvious, but just

maybe obvious, but just thought I'd point out that you won't be able to (easily) use a nuke from another type of hive, unless your top bar sides aren't sloped and you can fit frames into it as a temporary measure.

there is a way to move comb from a framed nuke to a top bar which i think phil chandler documents - it involves cutting the comb out of the frame and stitching to to a top bar.  sounds messy and awkward to me, i made my first top bar hive to allow it to fit frames for this reason.  however i just started building my second tbh and i'm making it with sloping sides, because i felt the size of the combs with straight sides was a bit too big to manage safely.  also i had hoped with my straight sided tbh that i would eventually cycle out the frames i originally inserted, but it never happened that way.

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if he gets them early enugh

if he gets them early enugh before brood rearing gets going full belt , he could shook swarm them into his top bar  hive , or keep them in a hive for this year over winter them & shook swarm in early April next year. You would be starting on fresh clean foundation.  

i recently helped with a chop

i recently helped with a chop and crop transfer from a national nuke into a top bar. you need two people but it works reasonably well, and i hear the bees have settled in fine.