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Aoife Valley
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10 x Nucs on Topbar frames wanted in Donegal, April/May

We are a group of 10 based in Donegal starting up natural beekeeping this year using topbar hives.

We want nucs on topbar frames in April or May to get started.

Hoping someone out there has them ready and waiting for us! :)

Wishing us all a lovely sunny summer.


Natural Beekeepers of Donegal


(the site looks great Mike - nice and clear)

Pooh Bear
Hi Aoife,

Hi Aoife,

I've just joined the forum and am reading your post now - I hope you got bees into your hives.  I'm looking for other Top Bar Beekeepers in Ireland... I've recently moved some of my bees into a TBH and want to make contact with other Natural Beekeepers.  I'm in Co Down in the Mourne Mountains.  I've also just noticed that there's a Natural Beekeeping weekend in Wicklow in July - unfortunately booked out.  I'm hoping to go to Gormanstown for a day.

Kind regards 


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Hi Christina!

I regonsised your nick name “Pooh Bear” from a different forum, you sent me a F/R on it... “Cork Beek” haha small world eh!?

Anyway, just wanted to say a big welcome to this forum!




Aoife Valley
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Hi Christina

Hi Christina

We got our bees up from Dan Kissane in Kerry around the time you sent this message. The weather was wild but we got a wee pocket of calm to get them in. There are five of us now with bees and the rest will start next year. The bees are great - really strong nucs who don't seem to let the rain put them off flying in and out which is good as the weather has been very wet.

We are showing Queen of the Sun this Thursday and also will be sharing how it's all been since hiving the bees. We are all new to this so it is great to have a wee group for support and sharing of ideas and information.

You would be very welcome to come up sometime we are having a meeting or event. Next year we hope to have Phil Chandler over for a weekend course and maybe a biodynamic beekeeer if we can arrange it.

Wishing you great success with your natural beekeeping and hope we meet someday.

Best wishes


Liam Murtagh
Hi Christina,

Hi Christina,

I did the workshop with Phil Chandler in Wicklow and really enjoyed it. Ive a National hive (in Co Monaghan) and would like to move to using TBH hives - most likely with Phil's recent modifications.

I'll be in Gormanstown Mon, Tues and Wed.  Ive emailed Mike to pass on my contact details to you.