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Ulster observation hive plans?

Hi, I recently started making my own supers and nucs and I'm thinking my next project has to be an observation hive. I had a look around and decided that a "Ulster Observation Hive" would suit me best, and by adding a exit out the side via a hose pipe, I could keep it in the house if I wanted.

Im wondering if anyone has come across plans for this type of hive or maybe you have made one your self?



Youtube have loads of designs

Youtube have loads of designs, I remember looking at a guy in wales had one in his living room , you would need 1 inch pipe to go outside rather than just a hose.

Gormanstown stack 3 frames of brood behind glass a bit like this one.


I have to say apart from education those hives are pointless as Bees being subjected to constant light exposure is a pretty stressful experience for them and of course the queen will run from light so you are interupting the natural balance and heat of the hive.

I have seen supers with glass or perspex sides and I use perspex crown boards myself and have seen her a few times when the roof is off but no different to plar bears in Dublin Zoo :-(  not a fan

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LOL, i know what you mean

LOL, i know what you mean john! :)

I made one of those supers with a glass side. I plan on making a door for it aswell. Here are some pics.. 




what i really want the OH for is, i plan on having a nuc in the shed so they wont be disturbed to often and then only by me, ill drill a hole near the top of the inside for the pipe. Also, my local assoccation will be able to use it when they need it but as a newbee, id like to be able to observse them myself without having to look on line (youtube etc) to see whats going on inside the hive


i assume you have a solid

i assume you have a solid cover to put over the perspex/glass side when you're not observing the bees?
i am building an observation top bar hive, similar idea to yours -- most of the long side is perspex and there will be a solid cover with hinges so they'll be in darkness (and better insulated) except when i'm having a peep

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There will ya frost, ill be

There will ya frost, ill be making the door over the next few days. I might make it out of 18 mm ply and then put some white insulation board on the inside so when the door is closed, they will be nice and cosy :)