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wild honey bees.

We have what appear to be honey bees under our porch. They are exiting right under our door. Other websites I've looked at all say we should kill them. I was thinking of moving their entrance though using a kind of tunnel. Will they find the new entrance though? Is it possible to relocate the entrance from right under the door or should we just get rid of the nest?

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Hey lorry, 

Feral colonies are virtually un-heard of these days and it would be a shame to kill them.

Where abouts are you because you could get on to your local association and they may be able to send someone who would gladly take them away for you :)

EDIT: If your anywhere near me, Ill gladly take them! :)

Hi Lorry,

Hi Lorry,

Are you sure they are Honeybees, which can have upwards of 30K bees in full summer?

If you use a pipe insert they will find theeir way.

Bees in porches or roof spaces are nearly impossible to extract so suggest you wait until Winter and then fly spary followed by foam if they are annoying you.


lorry, they might be

lorry, they might be carpenter bees (like small bumble bees) - they nest underground. As John says, honeybees would have thousands in a colony, while other bees could be solitary or up to a few hundred.

I was called to deal with carpenter bees last season. The person had also gotten advice from "Mooney Goes Wild", they said carpenter bees should preferably be left and that they rarely come back to the same place after a season.