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Tips for Extracting

I am only getting around to extracting the honey I took off last August. It is extremly viscus ( i think that is the right word) and therefore difficult to extract. Also what i have extracted is difficult to strain and seperate from wax particles. I have stored the supers indoors and I have had the heat coming on in the room that they are stored in for the last week. Any tips please.

Also are there any problems with heating honey and wax on a stove to help seperation ?

Thanks for reading this


Hi Pacot, your honey has

Hi Pacot, your honey has crystallised and may have also been heather or more likely ivy honey at the end of last year which has a slight bitter taste, taste it?

Gently suspend in ladies tights over a pot in an oven, try not to go over 70 Degrees as you will cook out the goodness and taste in the honey.

Realistically its not worth messing about with, I would break the caps and give your bees a treat by feeding back to them especially considering the weather we have had in the last 2 weeks, this will build up your hive and you will get a better crop this year!.

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Chairperson Roundwood Beekeepers 

Thanks John,

Thanks John,

I took it off in the last week of August and I thought that I had avoided ivy and heather.

There is lots of both around me . There is a very slight bitter taste but still delicious.

I have strong colonies at the moment ( Thank God) but I will give them back what I cant extract.

Thanks again for the advice.