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swarm changing its mind?

Got a call about a swarm yesterday, and couldn't get to it right away. Later I found out that the cluster had collected on the outside of the hive (which is in a roof on 1st floor), over the hive entrance. I didn't think I'd be able to collect it, so I just talked to them later and the cluster had apparently gone back inside the hive. The initial call was at 11am when the weather was very warm and sunny. Later in the day it turned rainy so my working theory is that the bees decided to postpone the move because of the impending bad weather, but maybe there's a better explanation?

The queens wings were clipped

The queens wings were clipped, they all came out, she couldn't fly far and hits the floor or spirals off, so they all go back in, the hive needs to be checked for queen cells! :-)