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Rules for this forum

Please keep to these rules for this forum:

1. All items for sale must include an asking price.
2. The first person to reply who offers the asking price gets first refusal.
3. All dealings should be "on thread" - that is, any conversation, negotiation etc is in the open. Once a deal is agreed, you should communicate via the person's contact form to exchange contact details etc. To do this, click on the user's name, and then use their Contact tab. If you can't click on their name it means they have turned off their contact form; in this case just use the forum.
4. Don't "spoil" threads by making comments that aren't an offer or a request for information from the seller.
5. Commercial selling - As long as commercial trading doesn't get out of hand, it's allowed for now. The seller MUST disclose if they are commercial. Even if it isn't your fulltime job and the taxman doesn't know about it, if you are selling similar items on a regular basis, we consider it commercial. This is because the Consumer Information Advertisements Disclosure of Business Interests Order 1984 (Republic of Ireland) requires all advertisements from persons selling goods in the course of a business to make that fact clear. This requirement applies whether the advertiser is acting on his own behalf or for some other person in the course of whose business goods are to be sold.
6. No items illegal in the Republic of Ireland. (Note that previously the rules has said that it was illegal to import bees into Ireland; however my understanding is that it is ok. So ads for imported bees will be accepted upon presentation of a copy of your import license and Form 92/65 EII.

Please do not post anyone's

Please do not post anyone's contact details without their express permission.

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