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moss o connor
Storing frames with wax

Hello everyone.

                      Does anyone have any advice on how to store super frames that have wax drawn on out them for use next year. My main concern is attack from moths.


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I heard the best way is to

I heard the best way is to store super and frames in black plastic bag


moss o connor
Thanks Sparkey.  

Thanks Sparkey.


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Freeze them first in case

Freeze them first in case there are any wax moth larvae in them or eggs that could hatch and eat their way through your frames

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When I first began beekeeping

When I first began beekeeping, 40 years ago, I read everything that was available to read at that time. The result was that I stacked up my empty supers, put various wax-moth-killing chemicals amongst them, froze them, etc. etc. Nowadays, I just extract, put the empty supers back on the hives over an open feed-hole for a week, then stack them up and forget about them till next April. I think wax moths need about two years to do any real damage.