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Bees for sale 2014

 We are planning to import and collect packages of Buckfast bees in late May/early June 2014 as we did in 2011, 2012, and in 2013. Bees and queens are of German origin, from the north-west region where the climate is very similar to the Irish and do not need adaptation to specific Irish weather conditions. We will supervise the creation of the units personally.The bees are extremely docile and healthy. Buckfast bees never attack, rarely sting, and are very quiet on the comb.

A state vet will check the packages and certify in accordance with the relevant European legislation that Small hive beetle and Tropilaepaps mite are not present and that the bees come from an area free of infestations of American foulbrood. The bees are kept in quarantine for at least 48 hours in order to comply with the regulations concerning the spread of fireblight.

The packages are between 1.5kg and 2.0kg each (the amount of bees you will find in a mature colony).

Each of the packages is 175 Euro.

Please, contact: medler@eircom.net

Please note that this ad has

Please note that this ad has prompted me to modify the forum rules - originally the rules said that imported bees could not be sold, on the basis that it was illegal. However, beekeeping4you have provided me with a copy of their import license and other documentation which shows that importation is allowed, and they are following correct protocols.

2013 nucs for sale. 

2013 nucs for sale. 

Call pat on 0861929410 for more info.

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2014 Artificial swarms

2014 Artificial swarms (packages) of Buckfast bees
These are some of this years packages after their arrival in Manorhamilton in June 2013, waiting to be collected by customers from all over Ireland. In order to avoid disappointment and to further facilitate our planning, please, let yourself be put on our 2014 waiting list in time.

Please, contact medler@eircom.net or phone 071 9855683



Is there any bees available

Is there any bees available this year?? I am keen to getstarted if Ican et some bees!!



Cat Beel
I am looking for bees as well

I am looking for bees as well. Did you find out where you can get some and how much do they cost?


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we (Beekeeping Lešek from Slovenia) started offering authenic queen bees Apis mellifera carnica. Mor info on www.queen-carnica.com



I've 5 frame nucs of native Irish bees for sale - €150 each.  Based near Leap, West Cork so ensure you are 4 miles from there if interested.  I need the Nuc boxes so please provide your own or a national hive with 6 brood frames and dummy board to fill it up for transporting.  I'm working in Cork so I can meet along the road to initially collect box and then arrange for you to to collect or I meet you again with them.