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Bees and equipment


Hi to all!

I am looking to get started this year and I have a couple of enquiries.

Where can I buy bees this year! and Dose anyone know where you can get Rose Hive Equipment?







Cat Beel
Hi Derek, Did you find out

Hi Derek, Did you find out where to get bees yet?

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Hi Derek!

Hi Derek!


The best thing to do would be to join your local association because they would normally have either nucs (baby hives) or may even know some one who is retiring and have full hives for sale, you can find your local association here...




You also have others on this forum selling packages


You can get rose hives from Thornes or if your handy at the DIY, google "Rose hive planes" and you might be able to find them. I asked the fella that made them and he sent me the plans!

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I would like to say a big

I would like to say a big hello as new to the forum I have one hive that I re queened in July with a Italian queen. I thought as she is very light I would like to go to a very dark queen for hive Two in spring can any one make any suggestions to what variety of queen to go with.



Dear all,

Dear all,

Plese advise who sells Hive Parts for Polstrene Daant Hives in Ireland.




Paul Hegarty