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Call for participation in the SmallHiveProject


I am a hobbyist beekeeper from France and the initiator of the SmallHiveProject (www.smallhiveproject.eu). 

This non-commercial international beekeeping project is about testing a small horizontal hive that I have designed for simple and sustainable backyard beekeeping. 

The SmallHive has been designed to meet the following requirements:
- favor bee colony survival in low-input beekeeping situations (no Varroa treatment, no sugar feeding).
- adapted to rather small bee colonies of Apis Mellifera in environments dominated by agriculture (moderate nectar flow).
- suitable for comb honey production (Low productivity is acceptable, as long as sufficient for personal use.)
- easy to build and to manage. 

Everybody is welcomed to participate in the project by building one or more copies of the hive and keeping bees in it.

Detailed information about the scope of this hive and hive plans are available on the website.
Beekeeping experience may be shared/commented in a Hive Report on the message board.
For legal reasons, make sure to read the Disclaimer before starting.

If you would like to stay informed about the project progress, please subscribe to the SmallHiveProject  Newsletter (see email form on the welcome page).

If you like the project, you may want to forward this email to potentially interested folks, talk about it on the next meeting of your beekeeping association or share the link of the project website on your social media.

Thank you and looking forward to reading from you!


The initiator of the SmallHiveProject


Is this much different from

Is this much different from HTBH's?

Yes it is. There are no

Yes it is. There are no topbars in the "hive body", only two movable Huber-style frames.

SmallHiveProject News:

SmallHiveProject News:

(1) Hive construction video on http://www.smallhiveproject.eu/?plans.html

(2) Tree mount construction video on http://www.smallhiveproject.eu/?hivestand.html

 HIVE REPORTS are online :
[b]Call for [url=http://www

Call for participation in 2019!Building your hive(s) right now  - before the cold days - would be fine if you consider to join the project next spring. Maybe as a family project during automn holiday ? A weekend should be also enough time... Refer to the project website for all necessary information (videos, plans ...) Feel free to contact the publisher for any question or advice. Results overviewis online at http://www.smallhiveproject.eu/?results.html