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Use the forum and website!

Hi all
hope that it is the recent good weather, which got you swarm catching, instead of travelling cyberspace.....
We have a brilliant tool in the website but it seems we do not use it enough.
hope I am wrong.
Would be nice to hear if anyone got a swarm or whatever bee-keeper- life brings.
Did any Honey come in from the clover and blackberry?
who would be willing to host a visit?
Regards to you all and hopefully the summer stays on the sunny side.

Hiya I was given a gift of an


I was given a gift of an old hive a few weeks ago and last week a swarm moved in (nature is so cool :)). I wasn't planning to get bees until next spring as I wanted to do a course and join the local beekeeping group to get some experience first.

I have all the basic equipment and have done a load of reading up so I opened up the hive to check what was going on as there were a couple of frames of cone left in the hive, I'm addicted they're so cool I could watch them for hours.

I have now put more frames with foundation into the brood box do I do the same for the super? I have the queen excluder in place but not sure about when to add the super, there seems to be different ideas on this.

Great site

Colleen, you are right, there

Colleen, you are right, there is tons of useful information on this forum.
I read more often that I write. I think you should talk to Mark in Coolmorebees he is very helpful and he is really patient with newbies, his website is www.coolmorebees.com Mark also supplies nucs and his apiary really worth a trip down to Cork. I started two years ago with one hive, more or less same as you did, now I have two hives, they seem quite strong going out of such a bad winter. I have fed my bees with fondant a couple of weeks ago... I keep asking the lads in Coolmorebees.com each time I have a doubtful question on my mind.
Mark also runs a course for beginners, it is not too expensive: http://www.coolmorebees.com/index.php/course

Hope this helps

Beekeeper in Cork


web: www.fix-it.ie