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Liam C
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Combining nuc with hive and bees sealing crown board hole

I have one week nuc and a stront but new colony (6months old) and would like to combine them, they are about 12ft apart. Do I need to relocate the nuc for a week or two and then bring it back to the strong hive for combining. Also in my hive l put a mesh screen over the feeder hole in the crown board to stop the bees from going in to the roof and building comb but the bees have completely sealed the hole off. I thought this hole helped with ventelation ,is it a problem??
Liam C

Hi Liam, Its obviously a bit

Hi Liam,
Its obviously a bit late now, but to answer your question they need to be within three feet proximity other wise the bees from the hive that you have moved will return back to their original location and you may lose them. I have heard its easier to combine in colder months as they are not flying but not really to be recommended.
For the top a small piece of slate or thin plastic will do the job, bees don't like draughts and with the natural opening at the bottom and your ventilation at the top a chimney effect would have taken place before they fully sealed it in.
Best of luck in 2011.