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Buying a hive!


I've been asked by my uncle to ask about buying a hive, he has kept bees before but his last hive died... We're located in the Dublin area but traveling should not be too much of a problem!

I hope someone can help us out! :-)

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there are a few places that

there are a few places that sell them, you have the like of thorne that do a good packages.


the only thing about these packages is that your uncle would have to put them together him self, you can get them assembled, but it costs a bit more. i my self got package 2 ("the basic kit")and it cost about 290 euro i also got an uncapping fork and a fencing style jacket with that!

you also have Mac Eoin Honey Farms


they dont really do packages so ull have to know what you want but seen as your uncle has kept bees before, he should know what to look for

the only other place i can think of rite now is bee supplies


they do a "Complete Starter Kit" which, as you have probably guessed has everything your uncle will need

hope you find these useful!


I take it that if your uncle

I take it that if your uncle has had bees before and as you say that his last hive has died out, that he actually had a hive and is only looking for bees.If he is only looking for bees and is a member of a beekeeping assocation, i most likly would be able to suply him with bees later on in the year, as i live in the dublin area and am involved in the preservation of our dark native irish bee. The reason i say to be a member of a local assocation is, that he might be able to keep abrest of the treatment in our ongoing fight againt varroa, that has was the reason behind, why most of the bees that have died around the country.

Hi Rojo, If you uncle kept

Hi Rojo,
If you uncle kept bees and they died and you still have the hardware, like the hive etc, its really important if you don't know what they died from you completely sterilise the hive and all the gear, as introduction of another colony may have them go the same way.
If you want to start again from fresh with a new colony and new hardware join your local FIBKA association and like us in Roundwood, they will offer plenty of advice to new members about whats required and obtaining nucs.

Hi guys, Thanks for the

Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments!

I've passed on all the information on to him to him so far!

He has a hive (I'm getting all confused with the lingo!) but no bees as they died. He is a member of Bee Keepers Association of Ireland and is fully paid up.

Keith, I think my uncle would be interested in purchasing bees off you. I'll keep be in touch when he comes back to me!

Thanks again for the help guys!

Bee Hive Supplies also supply

Bee Hive Supplies also supply equipment and advice - see our website at www.beehivesupplies.ie or contact us on 086 283 7569