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Underground bees

I recently got an email asking about underground bees. I was called out to someone's house recently to deal with these; it turned out to be bumble or carpenter bees. From what I understand, they're generally not aggressive and don't come back to the same place the following year, and of course are important pollinators, so she decided to just leave them for the rest of the season. According to Mooney Goes Wild, if they are disturbed they will probably die off, so I personally wouldn't like to try to move them.

If you have these bees at your house, you'll find that Beekeepers generally arent interested in taking them because we don't have much knowledge of them and in any case they don't produce surplus honey.

If you feel they must go (danger to children etc), you could try a beekeeping assocation or an exterminator (some beekeepers also do removal/extermination -- they have the suit after all!). There is a list of all beekeeping associations in the country on the FIBKA website. http://www.irishbeekeeping.ie/federation/affassoctxt.html