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Busy Bee
Making up a Nuc of Bees

Recently a bee keepers asked my a question which was this:-

I had 2 Nuc's of Bees with virgin queens but these Nuc's died away slowly, what could have been the problem?

Quite simple I think, the bees starved to death. What I assume happened was the nuc's were made up of house(nurse) bees meaning there were no foragers to collect nectar to sustain the nuc's and they basically used up their stores. He failed to feed the nuc's about week after it was made up with 1 gallon of sugar syrup per nuc (I would have used thymol in the syrup). Also without having a mated queen nuc's tend to be lazy until the new queen gets mated usual sign would be an increase in hive activity foraging and pollen collection but definate proof would be the apperance of eggs in the brood comb.

The bees did not have Varroa and not likely to have had Nosema, better proved if tested properly.

Busy Bee