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Top bars and Warres for sale

Hi folks,I just got my first nuc this time last year and decided to go the top bar route as I'm a carpenter and could make them myself. I've got four now and a Warre as well and all seems well.I can sell atop bar from 140 euros basic pine and four legs.I.m finishing a Warre at the minute with vision panels in a Chinese style.Very pretty. I'm in Waterford if you'd like a look or I can send you a photo.

Hi seanf I'm not sure I

Hi seanf I'm not sure I understand what it is you are selling can you send me a picture?




Hi RoisinS, sorry about not getting back sooner. Took me a while to get a few good pics together.

See at the below link:


If you have any questions/comments let me know.


Hi Sean 

Hi Sean 


I could be interested can you send me a photo 


John Whyte

John Whyte